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She scratched his balls by nails which aroused him and he moaned in ecstasy aaahhhh…. sssshhhhhh oooohhhhhh…….. He was in great fun zone. His one hand was fondling her left breast and other hand caught her head and hairs and moving it to and fro to suck his tool hard. In between she signaled him to stop just to get air and small rest.After few seconds they again resumed but now with controlled speed and rhythm. after plenty of sucking she finally stopped. All the time she was sucking him, he was fondling her bare boobs. she took his hand and placed it on her pubic area over her salwar. she wanted him to rub that area. he started caressing and rubbing over her silk salwar.She must be wet by now.

she offered him her breasts to fondle by one hand and suck other in his mouth.she was feeding him one by other. After that he laid her down on back he pulled off her salwar string and then took it off. Then she pulled down the panty inside and she was totally nude. Just for a unknown beggar ! He was watching my young and beautiful nude wife ! She was bit shy far few second but just that moment only. Soon she pulled him and asked him to sit down near her waist. She has very firm and smooth bums and thunder thighs. She don’t have any hairs on stomach, legs etc. and other hair near pussy, she regularly clean them. She took his hand and put on her belly. other hand she put on her thigh and signaled him to caress her.

More and more he cares, she started spreading her legs further. He put his lips on her pubic area and suddenly started licking her pussy. She helped him spreading her pussy lips and allow to suck her deep. his tounge started darting with lower lips now and she started moaning.”mmmmmm…….aaahhhhhh…… shhhhhhh……ohhhhhhhh..hage ….nekku(lick that in kannada).he licks her tasty pussy juice. His hands also working on her naked body. One hand pressing the boob and other pressing her firm ass. Soon she reached her orgasm and wanted him to stop sucking her clit.But he was also enjoying and didn’t stop at all.

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She was moaning loudly aaaa….aahhhhh…sssssshaaaaa…..aaa…..mmmmm.haaaa. She was pushing his head in excitement which was already deeply buried in her pubic area.Soon her excitement started cooling and he also stopped sucking her. It must be great orgasm she enjoyed lot. He locked lips with her lips and now they started kissing very passionately again. They both were enjoying the sex in true emotions. He said her “neevu thumba sexy haagu sundaravagiddira( that means “You are very sexy and attractive” in kannada)After some kissing, they separated out. He seen her sexy feet several times.her feets are amazing.she wears beautiful silver anklet to her feet and wear toe ring to her foot fingers .so the beauty of feet increasing.

she has sexy toes,feet fingers like lolly pop.juice came from his mouth She understand his wish,she raised her leg such that indicating him something. she told him to lick her legs from toe to ass. He again obeyed her and why not ! He was getting sex treat like never before ! He planted few kisses on her foot and then kissed her sexy foot fingers,licked her sexy foot every inch,he sucked her toes,feet fingers like a candy.licking her feet every side and sole. Her silver anklet make jiggling sound like “gall..gall”.it makes him mad.He said”I like womens sexy anklet feet”.She moaned”haaa…uhhhh..shhhh”.

Slowly he was caressing and licking her inner and outer skin of her legs, then thighs and waistline. He licked her waist and folds on her stomach also. Then she turned such that her back facing him. he was confused. But she was actually giving him more treat. She took his hand and placed on her bums and started gentlycaress it. he understood now. He further turned her and now she was sleeping on her stomach giving him full view of her ass. He slowly lingered his fingers on her ass and then started licking it in full. he was pressing it and pinching it also while licking every inch of her tight ass.

He might have licked her ass hole also. She spread her ass crotch and asked him to lick her ass crack. He readily licked it. She whispered“asss..ss….hhhh” He was very excited now and slept on her placing his dick near ass crack and slowly moving it. This started raising his rod again. He slowly put his hands below her both boobs and started lifting them and start needing them.He was still pressing his penis against her ass crack which stiffened it very hard by now. Now both were ignited again.

He turned her again and now rides on her. She was just waiting it and spread her legs for him inviting his solid shaft to enter in her tiny juicy pussy. he kissing her sexy feet again and then slowly entered in her wet vagina and started moving his waist to make long thrust in her juicy pussy. Soon half and then finally all his shaft was inside her juice oozing vagina. his penis must be happiest in the world for that moment. he never fucked such a homely lady in life. he was ravaging the sweet pussy and making most of the time. he was catching my wife’s boobs and fondling in between. They both had good rhythm by now. Her boobs were shaking with his thrusts. Her silver anklets makes sound like “gall..gall”.

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She was moaning like aaaaaa……ssssshhhhh aahhhh……. oooouuccch….waaw..mmmm… joragi….madu(dofast)……abbbaaaaaa. He was moaning like oooo….hhh…..ssssss…….. Soon he started pumping her with great speed. His monster was deep inside her pussy and enjoying ! He was on cloud 9 by now. Soon he reached orgasm and after almost 20 minutes he fired jets. Due to condom my wife couldn’t experience the wetness, but she felt the warmth of sperm he fired. He was coming for few seconds and then he was finally empty. He collapsed on her naked body and then rested on her for some time.She didn’t object him for either. They both had great sex and deep relaxation out of it. Soon they got up and sat on seat.

He pulled her closer and started kissing her again.She also responded him positive and locked lips. His hands again caressing and fondling her boobs one by one and then pinch her nipples one by one.He in between kissed her nipples too and then again locked lips.he kissed her from tip to soles of sexy feet. She had now started caressing his shaft. She removed his used condom and threw it off. It was drenched with his and her sex juices. She was caressing his bare rod and balls now.

He pulled her further close and they were intimately kissing each other with their hands working on each other bodies Though he was deeply relaxed and enjoyed lot, he was not yet satisfied and wanted to enjoy again this beauty.


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